Waking up in London, the one in Canada, we set our sights for some poutine. I mean have you really been to Canada before you’ve tried it? I think not. With the help of TripAdvisor we headed to The Early Bird. With an amazing decor like theirs just seeing the place is enough on its own. Luckily we didn’t have to settle for just seeing, we also got some breakfast.

I went for the poutine with the duck gravy. The dish didn’t look too appetizing but tasted amazing. Just the right amount of salt and perfect ratio of fries, cheese curds and gravy. Would definitely recommend for others and come back for more myself.

After breakfast we took a little walk around central London. There were some beautiful avenues and great murals on the side of buildings. I spotted my Cadbury cream egg by accident from a small convenience store and it made me way too happy! At 11am the Covent Garden Market opened and we got to taste some locally made treats. I picked up some raspberry cheesecake fudge, a small pecan pie and a mix of berries and fruits. All were delicious!

On our way back to the States we stopped at Long Tall Sally, Chapters and Farmer Boy. We wrote our postcards and send them though the Canadian Post. We’ll see whether they arrive in Finland before we do.

Next destination on our journey was Detroit. We crossed the border over the Ambassador Bridge straight to Detroit. This time there was a bit of a line up to the border, but nothing too bad and we were on the other side in less than 30 minutes. Same thing as before, a few basic questions, maybe a bit more thorough than last time.

The Ambassador Bridge from Canada to Detroit MI

In Detroit we were faced with the most chaotic traffic so far. There were lanes going all over the place and the driving seemed to be a bit more reckless compared to what we had seen so far. We found a giant hotel that was nearly deserted and got a nice deal on the room.

For dinner we went to Buddy’s Pizza. My expectations were high and they delivered. One of the best pizzas I’ve eaten in my entire life! And because none of us had any space for dessert we had the Hot fudge brownie… It was perfect. No complaints what so ever. We left satisfied, happy and full. The perfect ending for the day.

The New Yorker pizza at Buddy’s



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