Breakfast as a goal we locate the nearest IHOP. The name itself promises a lot, International House of Pancakes, how could that be bad? Well it was decent. I got crepes and a breakfast combo of eggs and hash browns. We also ordered the New York cheesecake pancakes to share. Out of all of these I liked the hash browns the best wich is a bit alarming. Mostly everything was just a bit bland.

The New York cheesecake pancakes at IHOP

The real target of the day was The Henry Ford Museum. After careful consideration we chose to buy tickets to the museum itself and the Rouge factory tour. The museum was huge and there were many different sections from American history, industrial development, aviation and of course most importantly – cars. I would have hoped some form of clarity and direction on the best way of going through the museum because it was way too easy to miss a section completely and loose direction completely. With the words of my mother ‘I’d like some IKEA arrows on the floors’.

Lots of old nice cars on display at The Henry Ford Museum

The Rouge factory tour was extremely interesting and well thought out. The short films shown in the beginning were very well made and gave a nice glance into the history and current state of the factory. It was a shame the factory was currently at a standstill because of summer holidays and we couldn’t see it in action. Nevertheless it was well worth the visit.

I don’t believe in going to the same restaurant multiple times when travelling because there is so much more to see and taste than just one place. Yet we still ended up at Buddy’s Pizza. And I can’t even say I regret it. At least I ordered a different pizza this time around, and it was just as good.

After dinner I had some time left to go shopping in the nearby shopping center next to our hotel. The shopping center was equally as deserted as our hotel. A huge building with just a few people here and there. We actually thought it might have been closed due to the lack of activity. At least we got to enjoy the clearance sections in peace. I finally found myself a nice floral backpack to replace my previous broken one. 50% off obviously.


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