We started the day with a hunt for breakfast, wich turned out to be a difficult task. Nothing was open so early in the morning and others were just on holidays. Probably due to the fact that the Ford factory was at a stand still the restaurants had their holidays synced to that. As a result we had to return to IHOP for a second breakfast. Unexpectedly this time what I got was tasty. I was most pleased with the filled french toast with strawberries. It was delicious.

Next stop was downtown Detroit. After driving to the city center we found ourselves a tight fit parking spot from one of the many parking facilities. Locating the visitor center for starters was confusing. The building was easy to find but in nowhere did it say what floor to go to… We got some directions from a shopkeeper and got our maps and advice.

We walked to the Campus Martius Park and from there to the RiverWalk. From the RiverWalk we passed through the GM Renaissance Center to view some General Motors cars in their showroom. After that we had already had way too much sun to bear and my shoulders were burnt so we headed back to the car and towards Cleveland.

We checked in a hotel at Amherst Ohio and went for some dinner in a nearby diner. With an overtake of sugar and fat over the last week we ordered salads. Mine turned out to be pretty amazing. Would go to the same diner again. They even had an amazing selection of pies and cakes. Maybe next time!

A Southern Fried Chicken Salad at a local diner

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