When I think about a city, I think about New York. But if this is what a city is, I never want to live in one. A town is the best I can do. Today was the first day to really explore New York and I can’t say I liked it too much. I don’t regret coming or staying for two more days. I mean it’s definitely one of a kind and worth seeing, but not worth returning to. It’s simply too crowded, too hot, too humid, too expensive and overrated.

The day itself started nicely when we took the East River Ferry from Queens to Downtown. We were able to enjoy the cool breeze, beautiful skyline, all the bridges and plenty of space. After departing from the first ferry we went straight for the next one, The Staten Island Ferry. We took that one back and forth and saw the Statue of Liberty from as close as we were going to get.

After the ferries it started to go downhill. We had a lot of trouble finding a metro station and understanding which line and trains went where. There were little to no maps on the subway walls and the directions were poor. Not to mention the claustrophobic metro platforms and tunnels and the absolute lack of air under street-level. I’ve used my fair share of subway systems around the world but this was the worst experience so far.

When we figured out the system and got ourselves to the next destination we were quite underwhelmed. Times Square wasn’t much to see or look at. A small space with a lot of people and I couldn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. Next we headed to the Empire State Building. About to go up to the observation deck, we were shocked with the price to take the elevator. Almost 35$ just to get up to the observation deck. We found this to be too expensive and left to get some lunch instead.

Lunch was in fact one of the days highlights. We stumbled upon a Chinese restaurant and ordered some fried rice, corn and soup dumpling to share. All dishes were delicious and tasted authentically Chinese. We left very satisfied and headed back to the hotel.

Having rested for some time we left to find the nearest Walmart to buy some souvenirs from the candy isle… just souvenirs obviously… Some other people also happened to be at that same Walmart, like absolutely everyone in a 20 mile radius or something. The parking lot was packed and the cashier lines went on and on. We got our stuff and lined up to find it had already gotten dark outside. Driving home in the dark was a bit of a challenge but we lived to tell the tale nevertheless.


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