After an eventful journey from Qingdao to Osaka, I was finally in Japan. I had quite high expectations and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed so far. Everyone is super nice and polite, the streets are clean and safe, and the food! The food is just simply delicious, no matter what and where I eat. And yes, there are vending machines absolutely everywhere… But what’s up with the lack of free WiFi at restaurants or even et McDonald’s and Starbucks?

During the first week I mainly concentrated on the big sights of Osaka. I went to Osaka Castle where I heard interesting stories of ‘big stones’ from volunteer guides, Shitennoji Temple where I visited their monthly flea market and bought myself a yukata, Shinsekai area where I had my first okonomiyaki, Umeda where I rode the Hep Five ferris wheel to see some nice views over the city and Sumiyoshi Taisha where I got to by taking the tram for the first time.

The first week also included  some must-do things in Japan such as gatcha, drinks from a vending machine, special Kitkat flavours, Daiso, Donkihote, Pokemon Center, a manga in japanese and lots of soy milk!

And then for the food! Among the best were the okonomiyaki I had at Shinsekai and a lunch set consisting of ramen noodles with a soy dipping sauce and garlic pork rice bowl. I was surely smelling great after that one! But totally worth it and will most likely go back for seconds. Also had some cheap but delicious sushi from the supermarket. Who says you can’t get a meal for a ¥100! There was also time for my first bento meal as well, can’t complain about that one either. Cheap but tasty!

When it comes to buying a yukata or a kimono, the flea markets are very convenient. The prices are low and the selection is good, although if you are over 180cm like myself suddenly the selection becomes a lot more narrow… I was able to find myself a yukata obi combo that I was happy with but it wasnt exactly easy. But I still hope to wear it at one of the matsuris this summer!


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