10.7.2016 From poutine to pizza

Waking up in London, the one in Canada, we set our sights for some poutine. I mean have you really been to Canada before you’ve tried it? I think not. With the help of TripAdvisor we headed to The Early Bird. With an amazing decor like theirs just seeing the place is enough on its own. Luckily we didn’t have to settle for just seeing, we also got some breakfast.

I went for the poutine with the duck gravy. The dish didn’t look too appetizing but tasted amazing. Just the right amount of salt and perfect ratio of fries, cheese curds and gravy. Would definitely recommend for others and come back for more myself. Read more


9.7.2016 O Canada~

The morning begins with a trip to Denny’s. The place I’ve heard so much about. The combo platter I got included eggs, bacon, hash browns and pancakes… a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly after all that I was very happy and full instead of sad and bloated. The pancakes in particular were better than expected.

The red, white and blue pancakes at Denny’s

Satisfied with our breakfasts we set off to the Canadian border. We  decided to take the Peace Bridge from Buffalo across to Canada. The border control went extremely smoothly. We only had to show our passports and answer a few basic questions about our trip. It took les than five minutes to cross the border.

The US-Canada border in Buffalo

Back with familiar measurements, we set our destination to Port Dover at random. We decided to take some smaller roads to see more of Canada on our way. And we did. Dunnville, a giant power plant and many many windmills and a biker gang stopping an entire intersection.

In Port Dover we had lunch. After some circling we found a nice small place with a, outside balcony. I had my best lemonade so far, perfect amount of sugar and a real taste of lemon. Food was tasty but a bit overcooked. I heard the salad was perfect though.

Perfect lemonade at 211 Main in Port Dover

From Port Dover to London it was time to look for an accommodation. Wich proved to be more difficult than expected. All hotels seemed to be full for the night. After three or four tries we found a Days Inn with available rooms, smoking ones unfortunately. The day was getting late so we took the room but soon found a party going on outside of our window. Luckily we were able to relocate to an other room across the hall and finally got some sleep! Great service from the hotel staff.