22.7.2016 A City, The City

When I think about a city, I think about New York. But if this is what a city is, I never want to live in one. A town is the best I can do. Today was the first day to really explore New York and I can’t say I liked it too much. I don’t regret coming or staying for two more days. I mean it’s definitely one of a kind and worth seeing, but not worth returning to. It’s simply too crowded, too hot, too humid, too expensive and overrated.

The day itself started nicely when we took the East River Ferry from Queens to Downtown. We were able to enjoy the cool breeze, beautiful skyline, all the bridges and plenty of space. After departing from the first ferry we went straight for the next one, The Staten Island Ferry. We took that one back and forth and saw the Statue of Liberty from as close as we were going to get.

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20.7.2016 Cheese… Cake? Steak?

It was the day to explore Philadelphia. First target on our list was The Liberty Bell and The Independence Hall. We got the car parked in the visitor center and headed for the Bell. I wasn’t expecting to be waiting in line to see the bell but I should have known better. Luckily it was free admission and a few minutes of waiting. A good time to catch some Pokemon while waiting.

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18.7.2016 Heaven ‘n’ Hell

Starting another unbelievably hot day we head back to the city to take another chance on the sights that were closed on Sunday. The first stop was The Library of Congress.And as it happens, the doors were open today! Going through the security check we enter the lobby wich is already more than I expected. The building is amazingly detailed and beautiful as well as clean and in great condition all over. In addition to the lobby we checked out the Thomas Jefferson’s library, the main reading room and of course the gift shop.

The lobby of The Library of Congress

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