Japan Week 4: Obon

Monday started of with a real nasty typhoon. With no concrete plans for the day I thought it best to just stay indoors and have a rest day with a weather like that. Also having been awake half the night because of my new neighbours, I really had no energy to go anywhere to begin with. Luckily by Tuesday the weather had calmed down considerably and I was ready to venture out. Read more


奈良 Nara

The city mainly known for its massive deer population and as the home of Japans largest bronze Buddha. Nara is conveniently located about an hour’s train ride away from Osaka. And as the city is quite compact and small it makes for the perfect destination for a day trip from Osaka.

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Japan Week 1: Osaka

After an eventful journey from Qingdao to Osaka, I was finally in Japan. I had quite high expectations and I can’t say I’ve been disappointed so far. Everyone is super nice and polite, the streets are clean and safe, and the food! The food is just simply delicious, no matter what and where I eat. And yes, there are vending machines absolutely everywhere… But what’s up with the lack of free WiFi at restaurants or even et McDonald’s and Starbucks?

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23.7.2016 Heat

The weather was getting hotter and I was getting more tired of it. My skin was irritated and burning and was showing no signs of improving. We decided to head to Central Park to find a place with less traffic and more space and fresh air.

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20.7.2016 Cheese… Cake? Steak?

It was the day to explore Philadelphia. First target on our list was The Liberty Bell and The Independence Hall. We got the car parked in the visitor center and headed for the Bell. I wasn’t expecting to be waiting in line to see the bell but I should have known better. Luckily it was free admission and a few minutes of waiting. A good time to catch some Pokemon while waiting.

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19.7.2016 Fractured Prune

Most of the day was spent in the car, driving from Washington DC to Philadelphia. We drove through Lancaster and the Amish countryside and stopped for some dinner there. A great salad bar and buffet selection all together.

The most interesting thing that day however ended up being the doughnut shop we stopped at for a coffee break. Fractured Prune was the name that took me quite a few tries to get right. We walked in and were a bit lost as there were no doughnuts anywhere to be seen. Luckily the helpful cashier noticed just how lost we were and explained we had to choose from the menu.

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18.7.2016 Heaven ‘n’ Hell

Starting another unbelievably hot day we head back to the city to take another chance on the sights that were closed on Sunday. The first stop was The Library of Congress.And as it happens, the doors were open today! Going through the security check we enter the lobby wich is already more than I expected. The building is amazingly detailed and beautiful as well as clean and in great condition all over. In addition to the lobby we checked out the Thomas Jefferson’s library, the main reading room and of course the gift shop.

The lobby of The Library of Congress

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17.7.2016 Behind closed doors

We found a great breakfast from The Corner Bakery & Cafe in Arlington, right next to a metro station. So perfect food and a perfect spot. I got the smoked bacon power flat, wich was a flatbread filled with scrambled eggs, melted cheese and bacon. As a side I chose to have the fresh fruit salad. The portion size was just right for me and the dish was very tasty and the place was pretty affordable.

Breakfast at The Corner Bakery & Cafe

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