24.7.2016 The last day in paradise

It was the last day of our road-trip and we wanted to end it on a high note. So instead of venturing back in to the heart of the city where none of us felt comfortable, we decided to pack our bags and head out of the city. To the nearby Bear Mountain State Park.

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13.7.2016 Hot ‘n’ Hiking

As the weather forecast promises a hot day ahead of us, we get up at dawn to catch the few coolers hours of the morning. The target, Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. We start at The Boston Store Visitor Center to get a nice overview of what the park has to offer. A very helpful park ranger offers us a pile of maps and recommendations on what we should see in the time we had. As a result the route consisted of The Brandywine Falls, The Ledges, a local farmers market and finally The Beaver Marsh.

A hiking trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio

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4Seasons, 4Reasons

Whenever I get asked what my favorite season is, I can never really choose just one. In Finland there are four very distinct seasons. Each with their own (not so favorable) reputation. Hail during midsummer? Not unheard of. A meter of snow in one night? School starts normally the next morning. Just switched to summer tires? -10 degrees celsius and slippery as hell. A long, wet, dark and depressing autumn? Exactly!

But regardless of all of the above, I look forward to each season every single year. Because you only realize the beauty in something when it is taken away from you. Luckily in this case, it comes back the very next year. Every season has much more to offer than their bad reputation.

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