Tenjin Matsuri

Travelling in Japan during the summer might not be the best and brightest idea one could have, especially for someone coming from a colder and much drier climate like myself. The heat and humidity are truly on a scale of their own. Not even a week had passed since my arrival and I had already encountered someone passing out on the street due to the weather.

But luckily summer in Japan does also come with its perks, one being the summer festivals, also known as Matsuri. A great opportunity to enjoy and experience life like a local.

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4Seasons, 4Reasons

Whenever I get asked what my favorite season is, I can never really choose just one. In Finland there are four very distinct seasons. Each with their own (not so favorable) reputation. Hail during midsummer? Not unheard of. A meter of snow in one night? School starts normally the next morning. Just switched to summer tires? -10 degrees celsius and slippery as hell. A long, wet, dark and depressing autumn? Exactly!

But regardless of all of the above, I look forward to each season every single year. Because you only realize the beauty in something when it is taken away from you. Luckily in this case, it comes back the very next year. Every season has much more to offer than their bad reputation.

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